Netrika is uniquely equipped with real industry experts to deliver comprehensive security trainings (online & onsite) required for varied levels of security professionals.

Netrika, in association with its international partner Global E2C is organizing security certification training programs that will help the professionals to accelerate their career. These trainings are recommended to the professionals in specified areas such as forensics, investigations, security management and many more. Please find below the details of the training programmes for 2017. You can write to for more information.

In association with Global E2C

Brief OverviewWho Should AttendDate & Venue

A three days certification program that shall help professionals be better equipped in matter of terrorism prevention, enabling them to build better business.

Security Managers, Private Security Personnel, Executive Protection Agencies, CSO, CRO

27th Feb-1st March 2016, Mumbai                                                             August2017, Bangalore/Mumbai

In association with Global E2C

Brief OverviewWho Should AttendDate & Venue

3 Days certification program that shall help professionals be adept with the latest trends, technological updates and best practices to deliver Crime free security solutions to their organisation/clients.

Security Managers, Security Specialists, Loss Prevention Professionals, Risk/Fraud Control Investigators

06-08 April 2017, India                                                                   14-16 Seb 2017, India

Netrika is uniquely equipped with real industry experts to deliver comprehensive security trainings (online & onsite) required for varied levels of security professionals. We offer in-house customised trainings that are catered to your business environment needs.

From a 1 day awareness or reinforcement training to a 3 days in-depth exercises and penetration testing training, 4 Hours WorkshopWomen Safety & Self Defense Training, our trainers will base on your business environment threats and challenges, customised the trainings to yourOperations and management team’s needs.

To know detailed information about the other training programs like Security Designing Program,
Women Safety & Security Training, please write us at You can write to or call at+91-9910020032 for more information.

360 Degree Background Check Solutions

Why Implement Pre-Employment Vetting?

An organization's employees are its greatest asset, often largest cost and pose substantial risks to organizational security and integrity. Finding new employees takes much time and money. Given these significant investments and potential risks, the question employers must ask themselves “Does our existing pre-employment vetting process perform and protect our business as well as it could?

Who needs a Background check?

  • All New Hires
  • Temporary Workers
  • Intermittent workers
  • Interns
  • Employees receiving promotions and / or a change in job duties
  • Department transfers


Employment check involves cross-verifying the employment information, such as period of employment, designation held, etc., from the Human Resource department of the past employer(s) of the candidate


We compare the residential history supplied by prospective employees with the data our team has retrieved, and any discrepancies are thoroughly investigated


We provide clients with evidence of a candidate's academic qualifications. We communicate directly with the concerned academic authorities to verify the period of attendance, discipline studied, grades attained and qualifications awarded, and confirm these details with supporting documentation.


In case of criminal database check, final attestation from a concerned police department takes time to process. This is due to the fact that the station in-charge does not have the authority to verify criminal records and verification can only be done after formal filing of it


Reference check involves confirming information from the individuals that are referenced by the candidate. The references typically include those of previous supervisor and/or co-workers of the candidate. Such checks can be conducted over the telephone, through email exchange or face-to-face conversation with the referent


We provide database checks as well because these listings are crucial in determining the viability of an employee. The two databases used are:- 1. Office of Foreign Asset Control or OFAC database available to scan the financial merits of a candidate not just nationally, but internationally. This global approach lets the organization put together financial defaulters across the world and expounds on the assets owned by the candidate, if any. 2. Global Database Checks are needed to verify any fraudulent or criminal activity against the name of the candidate to be reviewed. Thus, a plethora of criminal databases across the world are scanned against the candidate name to ascertain if there has been any criminal activity of any nature internationally.

Global Fraud Investigations

Frauds and compromised integrity at various levels in organizations' hierarchy continue to be the prime area of concerns for corporates. Our team of experts at Netrika not just help organizations in risk management, fraud investigations and evidence gathering; we also help in risk mitigation by corrective measures and process improvements.

  • Fraud Risk Assessment and Management
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support
  • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Vendors & Clients Services
  • Organizational Structure, Personnel Policies and Internal Controls Analysis
  • Mystery Shopping

Our Corporate Investigations practice helps organizations in business assurance, in the matters of corporate fraud allegations including kickbacks or financial mismanagement, and more. The process includes but not limited to:

Company / Vendor Due Diligence

We systematically research and verify the accuracy of a subject’s (entity/individual) statements, behaviour, integrity, professionalism, reputation and life style via desk top searches, internal and external inquiries, industry experts’ opinions and site visits.

Senior Management / Individual Due Diligence

As part of the antecedent checks, Netrika carries out following verification steps:

NPA Management

In determining assets, hidden or real wealth, our investigators are skilled and experienced in investigating:

  • Onshore / Offshore assets and properties
  • Banking Transactions onshore / offshore
  • Investments including shares & bonds
  • Trusts – ownerships / memberships
  • Directorships
  • Assets hidden under the ownership of connected individuals, associates, companies or other entities
  • Skip Tracing

Brand Protection

We offer unmatched experience with our network of resources to protect your brand, patent, trademark or product from threats that may arise in any corner of the world. We provide the information and evidence to our clients for litigation support, to facilitate identification and seizure of counterfeit and grey market goods. Our Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Services include Market Survey, IPR Investigations & Enforcement Actions, Trademark Infringement, Online Monitoring & Investigations as well as Litigation Support.

Our Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Services include:

  • Comprehensive Protection Programs
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Programs
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Trademark Infringement investigations
  • Custom & Registrations
  • Transshipment/Diversion
  • Supply chain audits
  • Litigation Support
  • Online Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Protection Programs

Grey Market Evaluation

Netrika will protect your organization from counterfeit merchandise and gray market trading. We locate, mystery shop and Test Purchase counterfeit goods including but not limited to Pharma, Automobile, FMCG software, clothing and electronics... Our network of investigators all over the country enables us to monitor the movement of counterfeit, gray market merchandise in the country. Once discovered, we can determine the legal status, size, markets and ownership of subjects selling illegal products.

I.P.R Investigation

We discretely conduct market survey for Identifying counterfeiters as retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of counterfeit products. Even the, warehouses where offenders stock and manufacture the counterfeit goods will be located. Investigators conduct market survey and gather intelligence, in order to identify areas where the counterfeit products are being sold. Efforts are made to obtain the source of counterfeit product and to collect tangible evidences of infringement.

I.P.R Enforcement

We conduct IPR enforcement (Raid) action with law enforcement agencies after the enquiry is complete a detailed report of the surveys carried out, along with the samples of counterfeit products, we forward all details to our clients. We suggest to our clients about the type of action to be taken which is most beneficial for the organization, i.e. Civil Action, Criminal Action or combination of both.

Permanent Monitoring

We appoint a special team of investigators for conducting regular market survey and place your trademarks and brands on a 'watch-list' and alert our clients to sightings of suspected counterfeit or grey market product.

Litigation Support

We provide intelligence support for civil lawsuits and private criminal prosecutions against counterfeiters. We have a team of professionals who are highly experienced and expertise in building evidence to substantiate a case, identifying and locating witnesses.

Liaison with Existing Clients

We work in touch with clients to build an alliance of companies with similar products and intellectual property problems, in order to organize coordinated allied raids and provide them a cost effective counterfeit enforcement solution.

Advice on Registration (Copyright, Trademark etc)

Our IP teams offer a breadth of experience in IP transactional and advisory work, covering the full range of IP subjects, in both domestic and international contexts our IP lawyers focus on specific sectors and bring both pure and applied legal knowledge to client projects.

Strategic Publicity Campaigns

We assist in organizing media campaigns and events such as press conferences, prime interviews and seminars, to spotlight the issues. We stress health and safety risks of counterfeit goods. Our fact finders help to underline the scale of the problem and damage to domestic business, using anecdotal evidence, photographic material, and health & safety examples.

Security & Risk Management

Netrika's Risk Management services and Resilience Consulting helps clients: focus on areas of increased risk and address the entire spectrum of emerging risks to include challenges due to cyber, geopolitical and other emerging trends. We provide bespoke solution to help clients safeguard their people, property, information and reputation:

  • Fraud/Security Risk Assessments & Audits
  • Security Management/Planning
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Security and Political Risk Consulting
  • Security Design & Engineering
  • Security System Procurement and Implementation Assistance
  • Security Standards Development and Peer Review
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans
  • Security and Emergency Response Training
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Threat Management
  • Travel Risk Assessments
  • Executive Protection

Cyber Forensics

Netrika has the ability to understand and help mould legal strategies involving ESI (Electronically Stored Information) supported by state-of-art labs, as well as a global network of responders, allowing us to perform forensic investigations for virtually any matter and in any environment. 

Whistle Blower Mechanism

Whistle-blower Hotline

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