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Counter Party Due Diligence

Counter Party Due Diligence

Counter Party due diligence is instrumental in gathering a wide range of information about any individual or even a legal entity with whom the organization is thinking about associating with as well as any existing relationship. The individual or the legal entity is known as the counterparties and they are essential for the growth of the organization. However, they can also expose the organization to different kinds of unexpected risks.

With Netrika as your Counter party due diligence provider you can be assured that no stone will be left unturned in establishing the veracity of your third party. We work with companies across the country within the due diligence framework and this makes the process of Counter party due diligence both cost effective and efficient.


What are some of the typical concerns with counterparties?

Netrika has identified the following concerns with counterparties

  • • Significant dependence on the key principal
  • • Product piracy and counterfeiting
  • • Financial stress and poor financial standing
  • • Sometimes there is little public information on the entity
  • • Violations of the law and regulations
  • • Issues of fraud
  • • Poor customer experience

What is the approach of Netrika with counterparty due diligence?

Netrika understands that not all counterparties need the same level of due diligence. We work with companies across the country on a totally risk based due diligence framework. This makes program of due diligence cost efficient as well as effective.

What are some of the checks that Netrika does with counterparty due diligence?

For third parties deemed to be at high risk or critical Netrika carries out enhanced checks. This includes reference checks, criminal checks, questionnaire based interviews and also site visits. We include a comprehensive public profile of the third party and also a detailed media roundup with the focus on local public records like litigations and the like.


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