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Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence

Organizations are constantly on the lookout for chances to grow and also expand their business in different areas. This makes it essential for them to partner with vendors of repute. A project can be outsourced but the risk can never be. The vendor due diligence is detailed and in-depth report of the financial health of a company that is about to be sold. The vendor due diligence seeks to provide vendors with enhanced control over the sale process as well as the timing of the sale, thus helping to obtain a higher value for the business. Vendor due diligence is absolutely essential for financial institutions as it decreases the threats to business operations and financial stability. Vendor due diligence also helps to reduce the reputation risk and the compliance risk.

Netrika has a rich experience and the required manpower with the requisite skills to undertake vendor due diligence operations for the hiring firm. We operate in all parts of India and provide custom made vendor due diligence reports that are all inclusive and detailed at the same time. Based on our findings, the individual or the organization can make an informed judgment about the vendor and in doing so set themselves up for higher returns and profitability.


Why is the vendor due diligence report important?

The vendor due diligence report from Netrika provides the potential buyer with a clear view of the workings of the vendor company even before negotiations start. Vendor due diligence empowers the seller to identify and address issues related to the company early on. This can result in a higher selling price and also speed up the process of acquisition.

What is sell side due diligence?

In the sell side process, the service provider happens to be an extension of the seller’s organization. They can provide detailed report on things like financial trends, the supporting schedule and so on. The information is to be presented in the best possible light and in a format that Netrika requires.

Are there different request lists for different levels of risk/due diligence?

The request lists asked for by Netrika are definitely risk based. There is a different checklist for low, medium and high risk vendors.

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